Jul 242017

What a difference a year and a half in Belize makes.

I know, it has been too long since I last posted. It’s been year and a half since Darrin’s death. I thought I could let people know what it takes to get death certificates, and take care of your property and possessions after the death of a loved one abroad.

To be honest, I was in shock for the first few months after Darrin’s death. I thought I could continue with this website and blog. I hoped that I could provide much-needed information for people trying to cope with the death of a loved one here in Belize. The truth is that I couldn’t do it. I fell apart for a while last year.

Belize Memorial for Darrin
After a trip back to the U.S. to see family and friends, and to honor Darrin with a Memorial in the states, I retreated into a kind of self-preservation mode.

I resumed writing my novel, and concentrated solely on that. I tuned out the world and the loss of a man that I treasured through good and bad, thick and thin; our marriage was literally a ‘Till death do us part’ marriage. I still miss him, but I am learning to live again.

Now, I’m ready to start working on this blog, this website, and a new book endeavor for a ‘Guide to Belize on a Widow’s Budget.’

Would you be interested in knowing more about Belize? How to live here on a minimal budget, where are some of the best places to live, retire, visit and play? Where to stay in hotels, where to eat, where NOT to go? What are some of the Pro’s and Con’s of Living in Belize? How do you move here? How do you bring your pets here? What do you need to do to get your Residency, or QRP (Qualified Retired Person) or how to get Citizenship?

Leave me a message and tell me what YOU want to know!


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