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We have received recent email information regarding Vehicle Permits in Mexico:

This email has been circulating within our groups. I decided to talk directly with the Mexican Consulate in Belmopan. See the reply at the end.
Honorary Consulate of Belize in
Quintana Roo, México

According to the Mexican Foreign Trade Law and Mexican Customs it can only allow the entrance of foreign vehicles within a range of 20 kilometers starting from the border line. If you are thinking of travelling beyond this specified KM, which ends at XUL-HA, it is necessary that the owner of the vehicles carries out the necessary immigration procedures, then pays a temporary importation permit at the Banjercito premises, right next door to immigration where you clear your passport. This deposit will vary according to the model and year of the car, and will be returned once the owner exits the country. It is important to mention that the government will discount $US51 due to administrative expenses. If you fail to follow this requirement, the Mexican government has the right to confiscate your car and even start a trial against the driver. Which means that if you are planning on travelling to Bacalar, Mahaual or Cancun you need this permit.
Having nothing more to add, I thank you for asking.
Lic. Jorge Luis Valencia Gómez J.P.
Honorary Consul of Belize in
Quintana Roo, México

According to Banjercito at the Chetumal crossing, the fees are as follows – Autos:
2007 and newer $400 USD;
2001-2006 $300 USD;
2000 and older $200

Fees were to be paid in cash USD, or credit/debit card. Banjercito open 7 days a week from 0700-2000 hrs. Documents required are valid original title/registration and 1 copy, valid drivers license and valid passport with MX visa.

Here is the website link that lists current information:

NOTICE: – PLEASE contact INFOSAT: 01 800 46 36 728 from Mexico, or 1 877 44 88 728 from USA and Canada for the most current information.

Also, for clarification regarding residents of Belize crossing, we received the following information:

Please note that visitors with foreign vehicles can travel within the State of Quintana Roo without a temporary vehicle importation permit. The current Mexican legislation considers the State of Quintana Roo as a Border Region (Región Fronteriza – attached file in Spanish with information about it). Nevertheless, if you plan to travel to Yucatan, Campeche, or other regions in Mexico, such permit will be required.

Also, it is important to take into account the following information:

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