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Having gone through the Permanent Residency process ourselves, we realize that there is a ton of information on the Internet regarding becoming a Permanent Resident in Belize; however, even now six years after getting our Residency, it is extremely difficult to get complete, up-to-date information.

So I went by the Immigration office myself and asked for a current list of requirements to obtain Permanent Residency in Belize. This information is current as of February 2015, and comes directly from the Immigration Office, with thanks to Officer Ruben Requena for his wonderful, friendly information and assistance. The current checklist available has not been updated by the Department of Immigration since 2013, but as any updates occur, they will be posted here.**The Alien Registration paragraph will be updated in April, 2015 by Belize Immigration.

First, you must reside in Belize for one complete year, paying the Tourist renewal fee to update your status of $25USD a month for the first six months, and then $50USD a month for the next six months. Note: you must continue to pay the fee monthly during the time your Residency application is being reviewed.


Checklist of required documents and fees. All applications must be presented in person. To obtain the necessary application, you must apply in person at any Immigration Office in Belize.

(a) Evidence that you are in the country legally for one year prior to application (copy of passport pages or refugee card).

(b) An immigration Fee in the sum of BZD $_____ will be charged upon approval. *Note Fees are based on Country of Origin. Please contact the Department of Immigration for information on what the current fees are for your country of origin. You can contact the main office of Immigration in Belmopan at (501) 822-3850 or (501) 822-0284, Fax: (501) 822-2662.

(c) Alien Registration for yourself and members of your family of the age of sixteen, if you remained in the country for at least six months.
**Clarification of Alien Registration – According to Officer Requena (who contacted the main Immigration office for me) It means that any person under the age of eighteen (it says sixteen on the paperwork, which will be updated in April, 2015) and all household members, including children under eighteen, need to have proof of legal tourist status in the country of Belize. ALL family members must have renewal stamps in their passports for the prior six months, and must continue to keep up with the renewal of their tourist status while going through the Permanent Residency process.

(e) Documentary evidence that you have acquired land in Belize or that you have access to land if you make such a claim.

(f) Certificate of Health including HIV & VDRL tests for you and all members of your family.

(g) Three recent passport size photographs of yourself, wife and children if they are to be included. (Photographs must be in color.)

(h) Wife’s/Husband’s Birth Certificate.

(i) Marriage Certificate.

(j) Sworn declaration of support (from husband or common-law husband.)

(k) Recent Local Bank Statement or otherwise, where means of financial support is not indicated.

(l) Temporary Employment Permit if you are or wish to engage in gainful employment.

(m) Income Tax Statement.


A final decision will be made when all requirements have been met. Pending a decision on your application you are required to continue applying for monthly extensions on your documents at the nearest Immigration office.

If you have a change of address while your application is being processed you are strongly advised to inform the Department immediately.

No incomplete application will be accepted.

Leaving the country for more than fourteen (14) consecutive* days at any one time disqualifies the applicant.
*(This is often misunderstood to mean you may only leave the country for a total of 14 days during your residency year. However, it states directly on the Requirement Checklist that you may not leave for more than 14 consecutive days – meaning days following one another in uninterrupted succession or order; successive.)


  6 Responses to “Obtaining Permanent Residency in Belize”

  1. please, iwant you to enlite me on how to obtan permenens permit in belize as person having a belizzean spouse, if someone marry a belizean citizen, how long does it take to obtain permanents permits , and how it can become the citizens, what are the steps to take for all this process

    • Hello Ijaware, sorry for the delay in responding.

      The process for obtaining Permanent Residency when you have a Belizean spouse, I believe is a little different, and, to my knowledge, easier. According to the BELIZEAN NATIONALITY ACT – CHAPTER 161 when you marry a Belizean Citizen, you are automatically considered a Belizean Resident.

      Page 12, Section 04: “(4) For the purpose of the residency requirement specified in
      subsection (3) (b) above, if any applicant marries a Belizean citizen, such applicant
      shall be deemed to have been legally resident in Belize from the date of
      such marriage, notwithstanding that he might have entered Belize illegally”

      PLEASE check with Belize Immigration for details. You can reach them at:
      Acting Director – Mrs. Maria Marin

      General Office:
      Dry Creek St. Mountain View Blvd
      Tel: +(501)822-3860 / 822-0739
      Fax: +(501)822-2662

      Thank you, and I hope this helps!

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