Mar 222015

All tourists and non-Belizean citizens traveling through the Philip Goldson International Airport are required to pay departure fees of approximately $35 USD (this fee may be included in your airline ticket, please confirm with your airline that the exit fee is included at the time you purchase the ticket.) For Belizean Residents the Departure Fees are $35.00 BZD, for non Belizean residents or tourists the Departure Fees are $35.50, USD. A Security Fee of 0.75¢ USD ($1.50 BZD) is charged for Domestic Security Screening.

When departing Belize through land borders to either Mexico or Guatemala, there’s a border exit fee of $30 BZD, in addition to a conservation fee of $7.50 BZD. Fees can be paid in US dollars or Belize dollars, but credit cards are not accepted. Departing by boat you’ll also pay the $7.50 BZD conservation fee and the $30 BZD departure fee, in U.S. or Belize dollars.

Those just passing through Belize, staying less than 24 hours, can avoid paying the $7.50 BZD conservation fee but have to pay all other taxes and fees. A portion of the departure tax goes toward the protection and preservation of the environment. Due to the country’s effort to effectively manage their lush protected areas, visitors are asked to pay a conservation exit fee at any of the exit or entry points. The proceeds from this fee goes to the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT), which is then distributed and used to sustain the protected areas in Belize.

There is a standard 9% hotel tax that is added to your hotel bill. In some of the more exclusive resorts and hotels, a service charge of about 10% may be charged to your hotel bills (restaurant, bar and room), while in other locations, tipping is optional. A 12.5% sales tax is also charged on most goods and services in the country.

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