Jun 192015

When we moved down here, it was agreed that our dogs came with us – no matter what! What’s the big deal you say? Why wouldn’t you bring your dogs with you to your new home?

When moving across the country it’s difficult enough, but when moving from one country to another, there can be complications. Honestly though, the biggest complication for us was truly “Big!” Discovering Belize: Ramoth This is “Ramoth” he weighed 140 pounds when we moved to Belize. I’m 5’4″ and Ramoth’s head came up to my waste. I did not have to bend over to pet him. He was able to snatch things off of the kitchen counter or table when we weren’t looking! GoodDogPicture He was a Lab-Airedale mix. I say was because unfortunately, he passed away. I miss him and his “pack” (Matrix, Ramoth and Kess) a lot. However, this post isn’t just about him, it’s about how we got all three of them down here to Belize.

How did we get them down here? Well, we flew; more about that later. You can drive across country with your pets, and if you are driving down with a lot of belongings, bringing your pets with you just makes sense. It does take a little planning and preparation though. What do you need in order to bring pets (including birds) into Belize? Please check with BAHA (Belize Agricultural Health Authority) for up to date information, but it is fairly easy to bring your pets with you. You will need the following:

  1. Valid import permit from BAHA
  2. a recent veterinary certificate of health: (within 14 days – can be obtained from your local veterinarian.)
  3. a valid rabies certificate: (not less than one month or more than one year prior to the date of importation into Belize. This certificate can be included in the veterinary certificate.)
  4. Inspection by quarantine officer: (done at point of entry into Belize)
  5. US $12.50 entry fee + US $12.50 fax fee
    (Note: at the time we brought our dogs down, the fee was $25USD per dog. Please be sure to contact BAHA for the most recent fees.)
  6. There may also be additional fees for Veterinary Inspection.
  7. Other conditions as specified

Click HERE for BAHA Requirements PDF

Please contact the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) for a list of location where you can obtain your permit to import your pet.

You can download the application to Import pets here: APPLICATION TO IMPORT ANIMALS

Please visit our Belize Travel Guide for complete information on bringing your pets to Belize.

I’ll post more on driving across Mexico with your pets and flying them down with you in a later post. For now – Welcome to Belize!


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