Nov 252015

Good Day World! I’m a little behind in posting about the Best Restaurants in Belize that are not well known, I’ve honestly been very busy, writing! Wait – isn’t that what I do here? Well, yes. However, I’ve been writing during November for NaNoWriMo. More on that later. Now, back to our regularly scheduled weekly (or bi-weekly as the case may be) series on the Best ‘Little Known’ Restaurants in Belize. Today, I’m going to cover Caye Caulker.

Caye Caulker is a small Caye, south of Ambergris, but it is a Diver’s haven, with so many dive locations merely a short boat ride away. Of course I must thank those who sent in recommendations: Ray Speckman, Sonja Jamison, Wendy Morgan, Dennis Gelinas, and Stan Richard, thank you for the input!

LazyLizard First, although it has been many years since I have been there myself, it is a landmark location on Caye Caulker, and everyone must go there at least once to have a cocktail! At the Split, the Lazy Lizard, is a must stop, if only just for the atmosphere and the drinks! “Fun, entertaining and a great place to meet other travelers from around the world. The drinks are affordable but it’s the people watching that makes this place enjoyable.”

Next, try Gilbert Diaz on CC (Caye Caulker); he will BBQ whatever fresh fish or seafood he has. You can find him waiting for the 4:00 water taxi from San Pedro. He has a Facebook page: Gilbert Diaz send him a message if you’re going to be on Caye Caulker and want him to cook up some fresh fish for you!

Also, Maggie’s Sunset Kitchen comes highly recommended as well: “Maggie’s Sunset Kitchen is not on a main street in Caye Caulker which might lead some to miss this wonderful hidden gem…The perfectly grilled fish and lobster were the highlight of dinner. The portion was generous and prices very reasonable. I was impressed that I could have a complete Lobster dinner for $12. USD! “

Then try Meldy’s, they can’t be beat! “This small local place is great for lunch (we didn’t go for dinner or breakfast). They serve tasty local food at really good prices and the people who run it are very friendly.”

Of course, there is a Habanero’s Restaurant in just about every town in Belize. No, it’s not a Belizean fast food chain, it’s just that the Habanero pepper sauce is a staple in Belize, so it’s a popular name for quaint little restaurants, up and down the country. The one on Caye Caulker is no exception and comes with good recommendations: “It was the beginning of lobster season when we arrived so of course we had to try the local delicacy! Our “small plate dinner”came with lobster tail, coconut shrimp, veggies and homemade bread. It was delicious and after three days I’m still thinking about it. The service was wonderful and the price was reasonable.”

You also have to try Syd’s. “ Syd’s, just one block in, has great fried chicken and conch dishes all at reasonable prices.” “I’ve come to Syd’s each of my 5 trips to Caye Caulker and love the food equally each time. I love the fried chicken and think it holds up to just about any anywhere!” “Syds is terrific!”

And last but not least Pizza Caulker: “Caulker Pizza! or was it Pizza Caulker! The guy who runs the place is a hoot!” “Have been to Caye Caulker twice now, and this is always a stop for some food and lots of rum punch.“

So even though Caye Caulker is small, it has some great little restaurants to try out. If you know of any “little known” Restaurants in Belize, or would like to have your restaurant featured, please contact us, (501) 629-2396, or email us: (remove the AT and replace with @). Enjoy all the best kept secrets of Belizean dining!

And as always…Welcome to Belize!


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