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Belize Hurricane Alley I was going to write about the best “Little known” restaurants in Belize for the cayes, but there is something else that is very important to discuss today. The weather here in Belize. Most people are aware that Belize is in Hurricane Alley. Although Belize has seen its share of hurricanes, the most recent Belize storm October 2015 was not a hurricane, but has done a fair amount of flooding and damage across the entire country.

Belize Storm, October 2015This storm started about a week ago, on October 15th – at least it did here in Corozal, and it rained fairly steadily until yesterday afternoon, October 20th, 2015. It stopped and only sprinkled or rained off and on the rest of the day. Today it has only sprinkled, and I saw… Blue Skies this morning!


Consejo Road October 2015
So Belize went from one of the driest “Rainy Season” on record, to flooding in a matter of less than a week. Two years ago, we were building our new home and the Consejo Road flooded – it looked like the Consejo River, however, that was over the course of about a month of rain in 2013. Hopefully, we won’t have rain for the next two months as we did then. According to the National Hurricane Center (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) the storm that hit wasn’t even categorized as a Tropical Depression – it was just a storm coming across Central America from the Pacific, that “Sat” over Belize and much of Central America and Southeast Mexico for several days!

Belize City Flooding October 2015
It left flooding and did severe damage across Belize. It devastated several homes and families. This kind of storm can do much more damage than a hurricane, which typically will move on after a day or two. Hurricane force winds and driving rain can do a lot of damage, but continuous rain can flood homes, cause disease and kill people and animals.


Belize has a good resource for information and assistance: Belize National Emergency Management Organization which issued advisories for this storm and assisted many families that were stranded by rising flood waters. All of Belize BelizeCityFloodingOctober2015 was hard hit with this storm – which didn’t even get named! If you know of people who need assistance, please contact Nemo to get them the needed assistance. Telephone: (501) 822-2054/0995; Emergency Line: (501) 936.

Note: We are sending love, strength and good wishes to all the families that were hit hard by this storm. If you would like to help these people, please contact the Coordinator at NEMO by emailing with your intent to donate: nemohqbmp@nemo.org.bz and they will let you know how to make a donation.

Please don’t let this deter you from visiting Belize though, just check what the normal weather pattern is for the time of year that you plan to visit, ask the residents of the area you plan to visit what is the best time of year to enjoy this beautiful country – and Welcome to Belize!


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